I have authored two books on statistics and computational statistics. Both have been published by CRC Press. Currently working on two new book projects.

Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis for the Life Sciences is a practical introduction to statistics in the life sciences. The books focuses on applications and computational statistics combined with a reasonable level of mathematical rigor. It offers the right combination of data examples, statistical theory, and computing required for analysis today. And it introduces R software, the lingua franca of statistical computing.

The R Primer provides a collection of concise examples with solutions and interpretations of R problems frequently encountered by new users of this statistical software. The R Primer contains numerous examples that illustrate a specific situation, topic, or problem, including data importing, data management, classical statistical analyses, and high-quality graphical production. Each example is self-contained and includes R code that can be run exactly as shown, enabling results from the book to be replicated.

Statistik for medicinere.

This book is currently being written. It will be an introductory text to statistics aimed at non-statisticians and it will be in Danish.

If you want to know more about this project then drop me a line.